BROW focus EXPRESS sachets (1ml)


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    Created for professionals

    Our revolutional formula will help to shorten the time of the procedure. Products are carefully tested, so we can guarantee a stabile result for your client.


    1 step LIFT (1 ml):

    Lifts cuticula’s flakes and provides necessary substances penetration into hair. Blocks disulfide bonds to make hair more elastic.

    How to use:

    Apply on hair and follow the timing:
    – thin eyebrows 3-5 min;
    – semi-thick eyebrows 6-8 min;
    – thick eyebrows 9-11 min.
    MAXIMUM timing is 11 min.

    Remove with a dry cotton pad.


    2 step FIX (1 ml):

    Recovers disulfide bonds and hair elasticity;
    Infuses amino acids into hair keratin structure;
    Fixes curl form;
    Pre-covers cuticula’s flakes;

    Prepares hair for dying;

    How to use:

    Apply on hair and follow the timing:
    – thin eyebrows 2-4 min;
    – semi-thick eyebrows 5-6 min;
    MAXIMUM timing is 10 min.

    3 step KERATIN LOCK (1 ml):

    Keratin serum with the hyaluronic acid foundation is a combination of active substances
    that immediately affects hair with keratin structure by recovering it. We recommend to use this product at the last step after hair dying procedure. It will cover hair flakes persisting all useful substances inside.

    How to use:

    Apply with a brush and make quick movements helping serum penetrate the hair.

    №1 Lift, №2 Fix, №3 Keratin lock, Terve komplekt